Sunday, January 25, 2015
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How Do You Manage the Business of Life?

No executive would think about running a BUSINESS without an office.  Are you running your LIFE without one?

  • Are you sick of continuous paper clutter?
  • Do you waste time looking for information you or other family members need?
  • Are you hiding papers at the last minute when you are expecting guests?
  • Do you want to make certain you remember important occasions of friends and family and say “Thank you” to people who remember you?
  • Is lack of organization putting a strain on a relationship that’s important to you?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed deciding what papers you should keep and what you can throw away?
  • Have computers made the problem in your home even more overwhelming?

You can quickly solve ALL of these problems, and even more, forever by establishing your “Home Office for the Business of Life™” — a “command central” for your home, your family — your life!

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How We Help

8 Hour Miracle

hourglassandwomanThe 8-Hour Miracle™ assists you in creating a "productive environment" in your office. Learn more: The 8-Hour Miracle™


iPEP Finding System

ipep-tj2_folderiPEP is the only tool that helps you find your physical files (in filing cabinets and bookshelves) and electronic files in one place. Learn more: iPEP



handincabinetPrevent the accumulation of paper and eliminate the need for an annual purge. Learn more: FreedomFiler

Home Office For The Business of Life™

familyofthreeCreate a  “command central” for your home, your family — your life! Learn more

What Our Clients Say

"As an Interior Designer, paperwork is necessary, but can be overwhelming. Working Space Unlimited has set up organizational tools, abeyance systems and “decluttering” techniques that have saved me time and thus money running my business." Chris Kittrell, CID, Allied Member ASID, Member NKBA

“I hired Lisa last year to help reduce the paper and work that comes from owning your own business. As a business executive organization is key. After years of modifying and improving our own paperwork system, it still wasn’t working. With Lisa’s expertise she put together a system for us that finally works. And you ask how? It is self purging!? Moria Salerno

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iPEP is the perfect combination of Barbara Hemphill's Paper Tiger Methodology, and PBWorks' Web 2.0 technology. Learn More...
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